Friday, 30 January 2015

Mandu ( Korean dumpling)

Dumpling stuffing

Half moon shape dumpling

Teamed dumpling with sauce

Dumplings on the bamboo steamer

 vegetable ingredients
Luna new year is on 19th February this year, The year of Sheep. As we are the Anglo Korean house , we do celebrate Luna new year. Steamed dumplings are usually serve in the beef rib soup with thin white rice cake ( tteok guk) but we like as just steamed with dipping sauce or shallow fried .
Light and one mouthful soft stuffing is better than meaty one , you can serve with vegetable consommé as a starter.
Ready made dumpling skin pack is widely available now at any good orient shop now which makes so easy .

Ingredients: Minced pork ( 100g), spring onion (6-7), firm tofu ( half ), half garlic (grated, ), green and red fresh chilli. ( 1 each) finely chopped

Firstly put firm tofu has to be squeeze to take water out with tea towel , chopped spring onions fine as possible, chilli as well.
mix all together add pork  mince and mix by hand, season with salt and pepper and leave for at least 1 hour in the fridge.

Ready for making Mandu, spread kitchen towel on the big tray and dust with flour, put 1 dumpling skin on the chopping board put stuffing in the middle, put water edge of skin y hand or pastry brush , fold as a half moon shape or ravioli shape and leave on the tray.

Put on to the bamboo steamer ( top of boiling water in the pan) and cover steam for 2-3 minutes until skin looks transparent .
Serve with dipping sauce.

Dipping sauce : dark soy ( 2tbsp), rice vinegar ( 3-4tsp), sugar ( 1tsp) chopped red chilli or Korean chilli flake ( 1/2tsp) chopped spring onion (2tsp).

Mine is put in the box, without steaming ( not to touch each other, and layers divided by cling film) and put in the freezer for the Luna new year .
You can steam from frozen or fry from frozen .

Hint: you can add garlic chives as well.
For vegetarian : add boiled Korean sweet noodle and chop, season with light soy, sesame oil, pepper, garlic ( grated) instead of meat.

PS; My Korean cookery date in February:  28th, do leave a messages.


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