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How to make the best Crispy Seafood Pancake ( Pajeon)

Seafood pancake ( pajeon)
One of my favourite Korean dish is seafood pancake ( Pajeon). I was born South east Korea, sea town, we had plenty of seafood dishes and fish in our daily diet when I was growing up in 60th.
My mum used to make this for our afternoon snack , when we were back from school with hungry stomach. I loved crispy out side and plenty of seafood ( prawn , baby squid , baby clams) and thinly cut spring onion, dip in the dipping sauce.
I make this for my family often now, they just love this.

I had tried many Pajeon at Korean restaurants in London, still Bibigo in London is the one of  best so far for me. Crispy and soft inside, their spring onion is very thin, I think it is impossible to cut that thin in the domestic kitchen unless you have special gadget.
Originally we made with whole baby spring onion but it is impossible here in UK, because spring onion is too woody on the top to bite. Cutting thin is a best way to do it.

A good batter mix is the key! I use very fine strong bread flour mix ( if I do not have Korean Batter mix) add sweet rice flour( 7; 3 rate) and a good rapeseed oil . Still the very best one is using Korean ready made batter mix at Korean shops if you can. I always  buy 3-4 bags and store in freezer.

 The other day ,CJ's batter mix was sent to me by their PR company, it is very good, I am guessing Bibigo restaurant is using this Cj's mix, after all Bibigo is blong to Korean CJ company.
All my cookery members seem love seafood pancake. I usually advice them seafood pancake is a good starter, not only Korean dinner party and any kind of food ( western) with green salad.

Spring onion ( cut 5 cm long and cut again make very thin); 2 bunch
Batter mix ( Korean Cj's pancake batter mix.부침가루) or Strong bread flour plus sticky rice flour ( 7:3 rate)
Seafood: prawn, squid, mussel , clam.
Red and Green chilli ( 1 each)
Good rapeseed oil
Dipping sauce : dark soy, rice vinegar ( 7:3 rate)

Cut spring onion 5ch long and cut again make thin as possible. chopped all seafood very small and set aside. Chop chillies very small as well.
 In a big mixing bowl put 2 cups of batter mix and add 3 cups of water  mix well, just a little thicker than English pancake mix. ( if you're using bread flour, season with salt and white ground pepper)
Add spring onion and chilli in the batter mix .
Heat oil on the non stick small pan , when oil is hot put a ladle of pancake mix and scattered chopped seafood ( about 1tbs) and leave until pancake bottom is cooked and crispy and turn over cook until light brown. ( try not turn over before bottom is well cooked and crispy )
Cut 3cm square and serve with dipping sauce.
if you like more spicier add chopped chilli in the dipping sauce or in the pancake mix.

Our family love this specially as a late afternoon weekend snack with drinks.
I usually make this for drinks party ,it is a good with any drinks, wine or beer.

if you do not have prawn just use squid and mussel makes a perfect pancake.

Seafood pancake ingredients

Batter mix

Batter mix with all ingredients

Pancake in the hot pan cooking

Cooked pancake

Pancake with dipping sauce

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