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London Wine Fair 2013. May 22nd

Italian Emilia Romagna stall
Italian wine stall
Since I 've been to Italian Wine fair in Verona, I have started have a small wine bug , try to match Korean food ( mainly) for my book and my Korean cookery class.
London Wine fair seemed fit this bill, as a food writer they allow me have a pass, how nice!!
I am not going to visit well known wine stall, French, South America , Australia or Spain , I am looking for something new to me, revisiting Italian stall was a good idea, Romagna region had a dry white was so fresh, I had an excellent guide, Chiara, she did give me a good education for a half an hour.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find so many sparkling red and white in Italy in Verona, Rumbusco  is well known for this, sparkling Red is a new discovery for me but it is refreshing , I would like to try at my BBQ lunch with my Korean Cookery.
Conde Wine ( Italy)
Conde Italian was my new discovery, quality wine, mainly served in restaurants in U K I was told, shame! not in the wine shops, I liked a lot. Deep flavoured Red, it would be so nice with beef or best end of spring lamb
Alexakis White from Crete, Greece
Oenologist, Lazaros Alexakis
I found Crete, Alexakis wine stall , stopped to taste,  we used to live in Greece, Ekali ( near Athens) from 1984-1989, those days,  Greece was not known for the fine wines . I liked to find out how much improved these days. It was surprisingly good very drinkable indeed.
Dry white wine, Vidiano from Alexakis is light, dry, and soothing, If I drink this wine I'd know The Summer has arrived. 
I was told it won't be so expensive when this wine is available ( a good news ! under £10) in U K soon.
This wine is perfect for the Summer dinner in the garden with grilled fish, chicken or bulgogi and salad ( even with kimchi) .
I had a chance meet owner, Lazaros and talked about Greece and he pour me their sweet wine. Well! it was almost as good as Traminer which I fell in love in Verona. hint of lemon , not too sweet,  since Verona, I became a sweet wine lover, almost.
 He said, pieces of Granny Smith apple soaked in this sweet wine and eat after the meal will be nice to end a meal if you do not like to eat cake as a dessert.
This idea sounds like music to my ears,  I have to try as soon as I can get hold of Alexakis sweet wine in U k,  it would be perfect to end a Korean Meal.  
 As  Korean meal set has not dessert concept , just serve seasonal fruits. How cool it would be serving this wine soaked apple !!!!!!!
I passed through French ,Spain, South America , well famous country, and saw Russian Stall, do they have wine in Russia (?), surely too cold for it, I stopped , they grew in southern part of Russia, tastes OK not too memorable,
 As I leaving a men and women( from Slovenia wine blogger) and I talked about food, and they suddenly adopted me as a long lost old aunt, they seemed very interested  in Korean food and keen to show me 40 years old port to taste.
Like their elderly aunt, I slowly followed Portugal Port section, pack with port lovers it seemed.
The nice guy showed us, 10years old, 20 years old and finally , brought a tiny bottle of 40 years old.
 Wow !  It was amazingly smooth, even non port drinker will fall in love with this gold liquor instantly. It will be perfect to serve after a very good meal if you can afford!
40 years old Port
So smooth , melt in my mouth . I dare not to think about the price !! (£250)  


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