Monday, 20 May 2013

Korean Cookery in June.

Well, all my readers in UK are looking forward to have warm and reasonably hot Summer, I have decided my June Korean cookery will be Korean BBQ ( beef & chicken) with kind of a western twist . Like adding kimchi hollandaise sauce with beef steak but not expensive cut, such as Sir Loin or Fillet , it will be Skirt beef  or Hanger's Steak meat with chilli butter.
Also asparagus, quick boiled and grilled with poached egg and hollandaise, like expensive restaurant!!
I  have discovered skirt beef steak meat and hanger's steak  a while ( 5 years) ago by reading an article by famous butcher and now  widely available.
 As economy is not good, a few restaurants are serving along with hanger's steak. Skirt beef has fantastic flavour than others, rich and kind of sweet meat but cheap.
Hanger's steak has deep flavour, this is well known as the butcher's cut.

Skirt beef is traditionally put in the Cornish pie, but both these steaks are serve  as medium rare or rare , if you cook longer it will be chewy and stringy.
Our family love these beef steak , of course we all still love prime cut such as prime rib of beef. ( not eat often, 3 time a year ?)

I strongly recommend these two cuts of beef steak, they are not only economic but very delicious!!!
Skirt beef steak
As for chicken, alternative Sunday roast , marinated with spicy sauce, and roast in the oven , or chicken thigh marinated and half baked in the oven and BBQ on the fire.
Spicy Korean chicken roast
Oven baked Salmon with pesto, bean paste and chilli
Dates in June Korean cookery:
8th . 15th and 29th of June.
15th of June class menu: English asparagus with poached quail egg and kimchi hollandaise sauce
                                         BBQed skirt beef steak with chilli butter
                                          Mooli kimchi/ kakdugi

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