Saturday, 23 February 2013

Korean Home cooking in March

WE celebrated The year of Snake with friends and now Big full moon day is near, 24th of February.
In Korea we do have another mini feast for the biggest full moon day, glutenous rice with 5 grains , and a lots of vegetable dish ( namul, 나물) and steamed fish and clear soup.
I love 5 grained and sticky rice , slightly salty ( this dish needs a little salt) with winter vegetable, delicious!!  certainly I will cook this at home.
Well now the Spring is near hope we can cook something new. I love Korean spring herbs, wild sage, wild tiny onions, spring vegetables so on, but unfortunately I can not get here.
I love smell of wild sage , specially soup with small clam with soy paste, when I eat this, I know the Spring has arrived.
March Korean Cookery Dates are:  2nd, 9th. 16th. 23rd.
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