Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Home Made Cranberry Sauce

December month is my a mini break month, I am free from all my Cookery, English home Cooking, and Korean Home Cooking. I am starting our own Christmas preparation countdown from 1st of  December
    Free range Turkey/ bronze/ has been ordered , now I am making cranberry sauce. I make a lots of sauce to give to friends as a festive season gift, and for us for whole year. I found commercial cranberry sauce is too sweet and too smooth. We like a bit of texture and tangy . I am using 2 bags of  dried cranberry as well for the first time, it will add another slightly chewy texture as well.
    1.5kg of  fresh cranberry. 3 oranges juice and zest. sugar. 2cups of port. 300g of dried cranberry.
    my kitchen smells like heaven with all this sugar, spice, port! just like Christmas !!
    Dry cranberry makes such difference,gives more depth in flavour and texture.

     I stored sterilised jar and small bottles. I am looking forward to wrap and send to my friends.
    I found cranberry sauce is excellent accompany with Stilton cheese and  other strong cheese.
    Well Well, tomorrow will be on to next on the list, perhaps chestnut, boiled, skinned and freeze for our chestnut, sage onion stuffing.

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