Sunday, 27 November 2011

Korean Restauarants guide 2012 in England / book launch.

 We were invited by Korean Food Foundation to the Book launch of the Korean Restaurants guide book in England , 2012. It was held in Tate Modern , along with my cookery students and dear friends from sugar craft.
looking at the St Paul through evening light was delightful, it was very nicely done with fabulous Korean finger food, all my guest were so impressed by all.
Restaurant guide book contains all kind of information and map, their famous dishes , photo of dishes look so tasty. Perhaps, reading this, you like to have a Korean Restaurants crawl for a month at least.

This event shows how my Country has come long way to the better and grand , shows Korean hospitality is the best in the world , I think.   My mum used to say whoever comes in our house they should not leave without food and drink!
Korean food is getting a lots of attention along with Korean movies and drama, specially to young 30 something generation, Kimchi is also getting popular among the English chefs, it took a long time but it was inevitable, such  complex taste of kimchi can be used many kind of cuisine, I think.

Watch this space, as soon as this guide book is available in London, I will let you know.

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