Thursday, 21 July 2011

Kimchi Jjigae ( Kimchi Stew) /김치찌게

Kimchi Jjigae has to make with fermented cabbage  kimchi, freshly made kimchi does not have special flavour that fermented kimchi have. it would be just spicy cabbage stew not kimchi jjigae. It has to be cooked slowly , simmering for loong time. Like any stew ( beef stew etc..) it is tastier on next day . I  am guessing this kimchi jjigae was developed by a changce to use up old fermented kimchi, as all Korean house hold has kimchi all the time, so well fermented kmchi has to use up to make freshe one, all the time.  It is a heart warming dish, and kind of comfort food, specially during  cold Winter month. One of my korean cookery class's lady described kimchi jjigae as a big hug , like a warm loving human touch, I think that was a perfect description. well, we all need a big hug now and then.

1/4 of fermented kimchi
100g shoulder or belly of pork( diced)
1 pack of tofu(hard), 1 onion( sliced) spring onion.
3-4 cups of good chicken stock.
Bean paste( 2tsp) chilli flakes, crushed garlic.

1. Take off stuffing from the kimchi,cut to bite size, chop the onion and pork as well, in a stew pan, heat oil and fry onion first add meat and sliced kimchi cook slowly, add 2 tsp of korean bean paste, pour stock and boil, simmer for 30 minutes, taste add light soy sauce ( if you need), chilli flakes, 1 tsp garlic and tofu( cut 2cm cube) and simmer anothe 30 minutes. Serve in a heated brown Korean stew dish with chopped spring onion on the top.
For the vegetarian: take out meat,  add shitake mushroom for more body, and use vegetable stock, you can add egg , in the middle when you serve ( fried, or raw( it will cook with heat in the stew)  

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