Friday, 13 February 2015

Dinner at Moro

Our table

Baked quail with garlic & rosemary

Chopped calf's liver with pine nuts

Sea bass with sea vegetable and black beans

Roast Lamb
Always a such pleasure to dine at Moro, in London, we as a family made a kind of tradition to celebrate our (mine and my son's) birthday together at Moro, as we are only a week apart.
It is rather noisy, busy restaurant with long bar and open kitchen, I do love the smell of cooking and efficient, friendly service with super tasty foods.
I love this kind of controlled chaotic ( If I can put it like that) restaurant, it is more difficult to get it right, I think.

Sourdough bread is best in London in my opinion. soft and chewy but not doughy at all.

Menu is good as usual.
Had roast quail with garlic and rosemary, so good, tender meat with garlic with rosemary flavour.
Chopped calf's liver with pine nuts was delicious, what a good idea chopped as bite size liver,  I might use this idea with my devilled lamb's kidney at home.
My sea bass was good too it was half size, as a fish lover I prefer one whole fish with head on. for me whole fish is more visually attractive. Even I love charred burnt skin ,black bean was rather odd choice but they were a good match, after all  this is Spanish Moorish foods.

Lamb was tender and deliciously pink as my husband prefer.

I love occasional family dinner at restaurants , not only food , also chance to have family talk, the best way to talk each other as a family with good food. We can talk anything everything through 3 course meal, appreciating foods lead to a lots of stuff.

I think my interest in Spanish food was began a long time ago, whenever I travel Spain, each region has such  a special character, love to explore more, of course wine region too.
How lucky !!  they got a big space, weather and foods, and art !

My Korean Cookery ; 28th, Feb.

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