Thursday, 27 November 2014

Prawn ball and courgette soup

Original recipe A ( steamed courgette stuffed with prawn and fish roe)

Prawn ball and courgette soup with quail egg 1

prawn ball 7 courgette soup 2

Prawn ball& courgette soup  3

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have trained traditional Korean cookery under Dr Yun Sukja for a week ( from 8:00am to 5:30 pm). it was quite full on and intensive at times, but manageable.

My first photo ( A) is from Dr Yun's Institute original recipe using fish roe with prawn mix stuffing
 but as I know that many western people are not too keen eat fish roe, when you bite makes popping  noise, I substitute with Scottish trout.
Made trendy a kind of clear soup as serving soup in the jug or small tea pot, separately, which makes more interesting and a talking point for host to the guest.
Adding soft boiled quail egg in the middle. when you cut egg bright egg yellow in the middle makes visually attractive and add rich taste.

As I mentioned ,cooking is a kind of creative process, try something from original recipes but not changing many ingredients, some times produces unexpected good result, if that happens, you love cooking all over again.

1 medium size courgette , cut 3mm thin.
4-5 medium prawns ( de-vein on the back)
20g Scottish trout fillet. small piece of red chilli ( not bird eye , long red)
Sauce : light soy , spring onion and chopped chilli
Clear Soup made from prawn skin.


1. Put thinly cut courgette on the wide plate sprinkle pinch of salt ( tiny pinch)
2. Skin off prawn and de-vein ( using tooth pick or simply cut on the back and take out )
3. Make sure no bones in the trout.
4. Make clear soup: Put 3cups of water in the pan, add half small onion, 1 small carrot, 1 garlic,
a  Small piece of kelp, dried shitake mushroom, and prawn skin , boil 30 minutes and sieve , make clear soup, season with light soy sauce
4. Washed off courgette and pat dry, set aside. boil quail eggs for one and half minutes and peel the skin , leave for later use.
5. In the food processor, put prawn, fish, chilli ( 2cmlong) , make ground prawn mix, season with salt, and white pepper. make as a kind of ground beef texture not paste.
6. Make small ( thumb size) prawn by hand , put, spread tiny amount of corn flour on the courgette
 and carefully place prawn ball on the top ( corn flour act like glue), steam until cooked.
7. Place 5 courgette & prawn balls in the wide soup plate and place quail soft boiled egg on the middle of courgette.
8.pour hot soup in the small tea pot.
9. Serve with sauce and a pot of soup. when guest is ready pour in the plate.

Sauce : simply mix light soy, chopped spring onion and finely chopped chilli

I am very pleased my invention , pouring soup makes break conversation. gentle flavour and pretty look at, I am so proud my  dish , same ingredients but yet very different with original.
Even looks very French! ( shall I dare to say, Korean with a touch of French )


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