Saturday, 4 October 2014

Meat Free Dinner

Baked whole cauliflower


Red lentil& squash dal

Tofu stew

Veggie pancake

All well known chefs seemed campaigning to have Meat Free Monday, but for me it is not all practical,  reason, I always seemed to have left over meat from Sunday roast.
I've decided have meat free Wednesday .
Meat& fish free meal needs  more work unless you have Vegetable stir frying, which is too often use by all. I needs something more to impress to my family.
It is a good idea to mix with Indian and Korean dishes as they are all eaten with rice.

Resent our family favourite is baked cauliflower, boiled as whole for 3 minutes and transfer in a oven proof dish , season with salt,pepper, curry powder, sprinkle over with cheese and bake until topping is cooked , make crispy crust.
They are so pretty to look at.
Dal is another , red lentil cooked with onion and cumin, chilli , so simple but tasty , and provide protein. Adding butternut squash was my idea.

Tofu stew with chilli & bean paste , courgette and chive, shiso leave Korean pancake , I use as a sort of starter as they needs to be eaten when they are hot.

Being Korean food writer meat free meal is not one street menu, I can make many kind of Korean side meat free dishes and they are delicious. Mix up with Indian, Chinese makes more interesting.

Do not make single meat free dish, just mix and match, your family won't notice they are meat free meal.

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