Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My Visit to Seoul

Hi, all.

The Autumn is here it seemed. I am off to Seoul tomorrow ( 4th. Sept).
I will be spoiled by the choices what to eat in Korea, already my family asked me what would you like to have for my first supper on my arrival, 5th.
 I will have oyster, my favourite raw fish and blow fish stew in my home town ( south east) style ( non spicy but a little sour and plenty of Korean water cress/ parsley), yum!
I can not wait.

I probably eat oyster every day which I can afford in Korea not with champagne mind you, may be with Korean sake or makguli.

Hope when I am back from Korea I will write my food journey and photos.

Oh my Korean Thanks Giving Day ( Chuseok) celebration meal on 8th of September will be historical.
After service for the our ancestor,  all our clan, Chos will sit down ( more than 30) have this special meal. Of which I never be able to re-create in my house here, somehow its taste not good as in Korea.
I have not had Chuseok ceremonial meal since 1979, OMG! it will be a such emotional and  memorable meal, I can tell you!!

By the way my Cookery dates are 27th,Sept and 4th, 11th October.

Raw fishes with side dishes

Sea Vegetable

Fish market

Kungbok palace

Korean door ( window)


  1. Looking forward to see your posts from your Seoul visit! Have a lovely journey