Monday, 16 September 2013

Korean food in London

Spicy Squid
Finally The Times said the fashionable Food in UK is Korean Food! at the moment.  I was waiting for this statement for some years now, It was an inevitable foodie's choice I think. 
London foodies and public regarded south Asia foods are their choice of fashionable foods, specially PHO, Vietnamese soup.  tourist from UK were in love with this special soup.

As a Korean food writer and running Korean cookery, I 've noticed the popularity of Korean food among 30 something generation more than 5 years ago as same time, Korean drama and Korean movie are popular in South Asia and Australia.

I remember sending an email to The Times food writer more than 3 years ago ,saying ( bravely  or foolishly) The Times food section ought to cover Korean food but surprisingly  the food writer replied that he had visited New Malden , Korean cook's house , experienced Korean Home Cooking and write soon, but never did ( perhaps his boss did not like ) .
Since then  Restaurant critic ( The Times)  had review on Saturday Times but he just said, Dinning Korean food is as a cheap and cheerful experience and some good flavours in Korean food, not much special.
Well. if more than 40 Korean restaurants are in London, it says something!

But the chef created on The Times was too modern for my liking. Chef may thought, introduce Korean taste slowly, gently and move on to more  stronger taste.( I hope)

In my experience all my Cookery students are very keen to lean more gutsy Korean food such as Kimchi ( Baechu  ( Chinese cabbage)kimchi), Kimchi pancake, Pajeon, bulgogi, Stone bowl bibimbab, Specially kimchi jjige, Spicy squid, Bo Ssam are their firm favourite .

Bo Ssam
Stone bowl bibimbab
Kimchi seems  a star of Global fermented food now as general fermented foods are getting a lots of notice from chefs and food writers as a healthy food. Even I had approached by Food historians ,they all seemed like to know about kimchi and kimchi making for their book on World Fermented foods.
Kimchi rice
kimchi jjige

Hope Korean Government siege this opportunity make Korean food firmly on the world food map!!
As I firmly believe the food trend is jut like fashion world, it comes and goes all the time.
Should not miss this chance!!


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