Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A day of Kimchi Making in 2013 ( 2nd/ Feb)

I think in  Korean winter Kimchi making day is finished for 2012, probably most of korean house holds doing this annual Kimchi making for the winter month in late November.
I had a lovely memory of Kimchi making day when I was a little girl, we were head of Cho's clan and being a head of family we had to make 3-4 different kimchi and a lots of them.Poor my Mum!!!
All family had to pull their weight, as a 6 years old,m my job was I have to count how many sack of cabbage delivered to our garden, I loved that job!!
Smell of spices with garlic and ginger , I still can smell , in a huge brown pot, deep red chilli mixture and oyster, what a memory!!
Well, I am going to have 2-3 kind of Kimchi making day on 2nd of Feubuary of 2013.
If any one likes to learn Kimchi, Do email me, it will be a fun day.
After make Kimchi you will have lunch with Bossam ( this is our family tradition when I was in Korea).
Hope you can ask this class  as a your New year Present .


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