Thursday, 11 October 2012

My trip to Korea and my November Korean home cookery class

I am going to be in Korea for 20 days from 15th of October, which I am very much looking forward to seeing family and friends . I will be taking Korean temple food class, I understand temple food in Korea is a new sensation at the moment. Seasonal and organic ingredients are a core of temple food that is my understanding but somehow Temple food is regarding as a super food in Korea, Why?
Fast moving Korean society and  people are looking for and may need spiritual side of life, this is my own theory. well , wait and see this space, when I had temple food class and tasted , I certainly write a blog. I am hopping interview one of temple lady monk who specialises the Temple Food!!

When I am back from my travel , I will certainly have a few new recipes from my trip in South West of Korea..
My November class : 10th/Nov, 17th, and 24th. Do email me,  actually if any one in London area can even invite me to just talk about Korean food and cook.
My email:

Let's cook unfussy and highly flavoured Korean Home food with me.

I am talking with certain UK publisher about possibility of publishing my Korean Cook Book but you never know this things.
I do do hope I will get the contract , they will taste my food first, kimchi  ( I am absolutely confident , my recipe ,I inherited from my mum) and others,
Wish Me LUCK! 

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