Thursday, 30 August 2012

Stuufed and Griiled Beef /찹쌀 불고기

This is another Korean wrapped dish from my family, it is not the famous Korean BBQ dish, Bulgogi but the idea is similar, using very thin piece of meat and wrapped with herb and vegetable makes more interesting to look and different layer of texture and flavour are linger in your mouth. I usually serve with soy and mustard sauce. As Sir Loin  stake meat is quite expensive I am using more economical beef such feather Blade side , thinly cut feather blade is widely use for the famous Korean grilled meat, bulgogi and get from local butcher. first of all ask them cut thinly as possible or just but at Korean super market.
This dish is easy to make , tasty and very presentable.

Thinly cut feather blade beef or sir loin beef (about 5cm by 8cm)  ; 20 pieces.  Shiso leaves( M size) : 20,
Sticky rice ( glutenous rice) flour for dusting, Spring onion; 1 bunch,
Sauce: 2 tbs soy sauce, 3 tsp mustard, 2 tsp white wine vinegar, 1 tsp sugar,
Warpped beef

Cooked beef with sauce

My students Dan & Cristina,

1. if using feather blade side, marinade in apple juice( 1 cup) for 1 hour , sir loin does need to marinade.
2. Cut spring onion very thinly 5cm long and set aside. 2. Put rice flour in a wide dish, wash and dry shiso leaves and get ready for wrap.
3. Dust a piece of beef with flour, and hold on your left hand, and dust shiso leave but only one side, and put a few piece of spring onion in the middle and wrap carefully and stick with a small tooth pick and carry on until finish.
4. Making sauce: mix all ingredients in a bowl and season as you like.
5. Heat oil ( rape seed oil), in a pan and cook wrapped beef , and turn over cook as well, serve with sauce . 

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